No, this quote is not originally mine, but Gautama Buddha’s. Once you can truly understand that, you start to see the beauty in everything around you.

That’s how I started my journey… During a health treatment, I learned photography with a man that now I call as a husband, a man that besides a great psychologist, photographer, writer (you can check it here where he tells his version of this story) is a great partner, he taught more than lens aperture, focus or so, he taught me to look inside of me, to know more about who I am. During our photo expeditions, I started observing the nature life, how the same landscape changed every season, month by month, week by week, day by day. This experience made a connection between me and nature. Made me understand that we are not distinct from that, we are that! We are all the same thing; there is no division, besides most of the times we don’t feel like that.

In the middle of the chaotic life, we are dragged by the life flow without the chance to look around and see the beauty that is around us, without the chance to feel that! And the photography awakened this that connection in me!

I started studying Bach Flower, which I am now a Practitioner trained by Bach Centre of England. I reestablished the contact with the Essential Oils, something I have studied a little during my teen-age and also it reconnected me with another huge love: Cosmetic making. But this time, I wanted something very natural, in a way to return to nature, what nature gives to us. And that’s how Connaturalis was born! From Latin: Con “together”+ Naturalis “natural”. A way to bring nature to your routine, a way to bring nature to your home, a reconnection with your nature.

This connection with Mother Nature, make us understand that “There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.”